How Fair Finance can be a good alternative to credit union loans

At Fair Finance, we offer a good alternative to credit union loans. Unlike many credit unions, Fair Finance:

  • doesn’t require you to save before you borrow with us
  • understands that sometimes there are emergencies that need to be addressed
  • offers small, short term loans with a low minimum loan size and loan duration

Our service is very fast: if you come to one of our branches, you will get an immediate decision and if you are approved, the money will be in your account by the next day. If you apply online, we give you a decision within 24 hours.

Fair Finance loans are competitively priced, and are almost always cheaper than payday loans and home credit loans. However, our loans are more expensive than credit union loans and bank loans. We always advise our clients to shop around before taking out a loan. Click here to see how affordable our rates are!

The Fair Finance Service

As a first time client with us, you can:

  • borrow from £100 to £500
  • repay over 26 to 78 weeks (6 to 18 months)
  • choose weekly, biweekly or monthly repayments to make it easier and more convenient to repay

Click here to see how affordable our rates are!

When you apply online, we aim to come back to you within one working day, but usually we come back in a few hours. Alternatively, you can call us on 020 8988 0627 to make an application and we’ll aim to get back to you immediately with a decision. We know that speed is important to you and that sometimes life emergencies need attending.


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