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Fair Money Advice- The Journey So Far

We’re excited to share with you the interview with our Managing Director, Muna Yassin featured in the Institute for Money Adviser’s Quarterly Account! Have a read to find out more about the journey of Fair Money Advice so far; from it’s beginings to future prospects. Read it here! © The Institute of Money Advisers Produced […]

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Matthew Jones replaces Mark Hannam as chairman of Fair Finance

After an incredible ten years service as a Fair Finance board member, eight of which as chair of the board Mark Hannam resigned as chairman and from the board at the Fair Finance EGM on the 18th of February. Faisel, the rest of the board and the Fair Finance team would like to thank Mark […]

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Student money tips

This week has been National Student Money Week (8th February 2016 – 12th February 2016) so there has never been a better time to be financially aware as a student. We understand how students already face financial difficulty and with the proposal to scrap student grants can see how this will only strain the student […]

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New Year’s Financial Resolutions


Overspent for Christmas 2015 and feeling the strain of debt in 2016? Well you’re not the only one. December saw more borrowed before Christmas than in any month for seven years and 35% of people borrowed to pay for presents and 23% for food. It is likely that more than 2.5million people will now be […]

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Retirement Saving Advice – Why is it important?


Last month Pension Awareness Day was celebrated with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of saving for the future and to make people aware that they are not saving enough for the future. All this talk of pensions and savings got us thinking about why they are so important when considering retirement? By […]

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Digital Advice

Digital Advice

As we are beginning to live in a more digital world what impact will becoming more digital have on advice? Will it be a help or hindrance? The Fair Money Advice team recently attended two different workshops, one around financial inclusion and the other on digital advice and discussed the future of digital advice in […]

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Alternative Finance: included on whose terms?


On 29th July the FMA team attended a workshop hosted by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) in partnership with the FESSUD project entitled, ‘Alternative Finance: included on whose terms?’. NEF and the FESSUD project both share the goal of making finance work more beneficially for the economy, people and the environment. The workshop we attended […]

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Back in 2010 one of Fair Money Advice advisers, was able to help Maria (not her real name) with her debt issues which were no fault of her own. FRAUD. It is an ugly word and something we all hope will not happen to us and we will not have to deal with. What would […]

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Is Becoming Bankrupt A Good Idea?


Author: Linda Nwagbogun In the wake of the credit crisis and the United Kingdom falling into a terrible recession, default rates increased as well as insolvency for both businesses and people. But have you thought for a second what the impact of insolvency does on an individual? How does it affect your future? What is […]

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Issues Of Ill Health And Debt


There are many reasons people fall into debt including unfortunate circumstances such as a change in relationship with partner, bereavement or even illness. Paul (not his real name) was a Fair Money Advice client who was struggling in life due to his illness and had consequently become the victim of debt. He had had to […]

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