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All you need to know about applying for Universal Credit

In our last article, How much do you now get on Universal Credit? we looked at several different aspects of Universal Credit, including the current value of the Universal Credit standard allowances, and various additional payments that may be available depending on your individual circumstances. In this article we will give you more information about: […]

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How much do you now get on Universal Credit?

As most people are aware, the rates for Universal Credit were reduced by £20 per week in October 2021. This reduction is due to the ending of a temporary £20 a week uplift which was introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic In this article we look at: How much are the Universal Credit standard allowances? What […]

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Is a high acceptance payday loan a good idea?

Many people are facing huge financial challenges right now. As well as the ongoing impact of the pandemic, the £20 a week Universal Credit uplift is being removed, energy and fuel prices are rising, and from April 2022 there will be an increase in National Insurance which will later become a new Health and Social […]

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New job? Will you lose your benefits?

Fair Finance – A lender providing loans for people on benefits… Many people in the UK have had their working life disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Unemployment is currently estimated at around 4.9%, higher than before the pandemic, and may be set to rise further by the end of the year as government support […]

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Six Money Mistakes to Avoid

When you are struggling with financial problems, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you are just not good with money. But you can learn how to be better with money. And you can turn your finances round. The key thing is to begin to recognise and avoid the main mistakes that people […]

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How to plan your wedding on a budget

As Covid restrictions gradually ease in the UK, weddings are back on again! From 17th May, the number of people who are able to attend weddings and receptions is anticipated to rise to 30, and from 21st June onwards there will hopefully be no further restrictions. So if you had to postpone your wedding from […]

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Is there an alternative to a Provident Home Credit loan?

As you may have already heard, Provident Financial is closing its Home Credit loan business. But what does this mean for you if you currently have a Provident Home Credit loan? And is there an alternative to a Provident Home Credit loan? In this article we will look at what you need to do if […]

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Should I consider taking out a loan? An alternative to payday loans

If your finances are stretched, one thing you might want to consider is taking out a loan. But is this a good idea? In this article we look at: The most common reasons people take out a loan. Advantages and disadvantages of loans. How to go about finding the loan that is right for you. […]

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All you need to know about Universal Credit

In the recent Budget, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that the temporary £20 a week uplift to Universal Credit will be continued until the end of September. This is welcome news, as the increase has been a lifeline for many people during the Covid-19 pandemic. But are there other things you need to know about Universal […]

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What difference did the Budget make to home buyers?

At the end of 2020, 65.8% of adults in the UK owned their own home. But for many others, the dream of owning a home seems unlikely ever to come true. Owning a home appeals to different people for different reasons. For some it is a family tradition, perhaps something to make the parents proud. […]

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