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Blog - Personal Loans

Mental health and your finances

Get help from Fair Finance loans for people on benefits Are you ok? A simple question, but one that we don’t ask often enough. In an interview in late 2019, Meghan thanked the interviewer for asking if she was ok, saying “not many people have asked if I’m OK”. Even when we are asked if […]

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What to do if you’ve been made redundant

Get a fair deal on bad credit personal loans Covid-19 has led to hundreds of thousands of jobs being lost. Between July and September 2020 there was a record 181,000 increase in the number of redundancies, as many companies began to cut jobs in anticipation of the end of the furlough scheme. Redundancies are higher […]

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Christmas in the time of COVID

Christmas money: Is there an alternative to payday loans What are you doing for Christmas? It’s the question that everyone is typically asking at this time of year. The problem is, with 2020 having been such a difficult year, nobody really knows what is going to be happening at Christmas. You don’t want to make […]

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Learning to work from home

Survive the pandemic lockdown with help from Fair Finance. Rewind back to the beginning of 2020, and for most people in the UK, work meant leaving home to go to a different place. At that time, only around one in three people worked from home, and less than half of them did so all the […]

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What to do if you run out of money

Need financial help with the human touch? We are Fair Finance. 2020 has been a really tough year. Due to Covid-19, many of us have struggled with health problems, separation from family and friends, home schooling, and cancellation of major life events. And on top of this there is the huge financial impact of the […]

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How to save money on food shopping

Money saving tips from Fair Finance… In our last Fair Finance article we looked at how to create a budget and stick to it. In that article we mentioned that food shopping is one of the biggest expenses that most people have, once all the household bills are paid. So in this article we are […]

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How to make a budget and stick to it!

Financial services with the human touch from Fair Finance… Do you worry about anything to do with money? If so, it comes as no surprise to us at Fair Finance. For starters, isn’t it always the way that you never ever seem to have enough money, whatever you do? Then everything about finance and all […]

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Data security at Fair Finance We take protecting our clients’ data seriously. There are a number of steps that we use to ensure that everything that you share with us is secure and is held in the strictest of confidence. Some of the measures that we have in place are: 1) We’re Cyber Essentials Certified […]

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Matthew Jones replaces Mark Hannam as chairman of Fair Finance

After an incredible ten years service as a Fair Finance board member, eight of which as chair of the board Mark Hannam resigned as chairman and from the board at the Fair Finance EGM on the 18th of February. Faisel, the rest of the board and the Fair Finance team would like to thank Mark […]

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How the FCA are protecting consumers


You may have heard of the recent changes in Pay day regulations. But what does this mean for the payday loan market, where 1.6 million take out pay day loans every year? We’re going to break down the impact the cap will have. What are the changes? Cap on total cost of credit Clarifying affordability […]

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