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Top Ten Reasons to apply for a Fair Business Loan


In our blog we aim to bring you a broad range of information about funding for small businesses.

In today’s article we want to present to you the Top Ten Reasons for choosing Fair Business Loans for your small business loan…

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Misleading Lending

Myth vs reality

The time has come to seek a small business loan to expand your business – but where do you start?

How do you know that you are getting a good deal and that there is not something better just around the corner? Read more to find out…

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Get out of the Dragon’s Den!

Golden Dragon

The doors of the worryingly ancient lift grind to a close and it ascends slowly and jerkily up to the first floor of what appears to be a deserted warehouse.

As the occupants step out, hearts beating, they find themselves faced by five people. People who mean business. This is a place where dreams are realised or shattered. This is Dragons’ Den…”

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How to Succeed in Securing Funding for your Business


At Fair Business Loans we chose the name for very good reasons!

Our loans really are fair, and we take pride in providing funding for small businesses on that basis. Today we outline four key things to consider when seeking funding for your business…

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Fair Business Loans – Small Business Loans with a Difference


So, your business is at the point where you are looking for additional funding and you are considering searching for a small business loan?

Whether this is to fund business expansion or to avoid dipping into savings, it can be a daunting prospect…

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Fair Business Loans attends Funding for Small Business event


Fair Business Loans is a UK-based company that provides funding for small businesses who may be finding traditional funding hard to come by.

We were delighted to recently support a Finance Fair as part of the #StartupSeason series of business events for new social ventures…

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How CDFIs are helping struggling small businesses


Here at Fair Finance Business Loans, we help businesses obtain funding through affordable financial loans.

Rob Benfield, head of business lending, discusses when and how businesses can turn to us for alternative financing….

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