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Debt And Mental Health

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If you have been following our blog and our clients stories you will have probably recognised that a lot of them suffer from mental health issues. Apparently one in two people who suffer from debt also suffer from mental health issues so there is a definite link. Debt can be caused by, as well as cause mental health problems and for those suffering from mental health the remedy can be to receive debt advice and ease their worry and suffering.

When people are suffering from debt it can lead to mental health problems as it often causes depression and anxiety. Debt can make you feel hopeless, embarrassed and guilty and none of these are good for your well being. Plus dealing with creditors can be made that much harder when dealing with mental health issues also when you may not feel confident to leave the house, answer the door or phone. Things may feel like they’re out of yours and others control and nothing can be done. But stop! Things can be done!

Fair Money Advice is here to help you with your debt problems no matter how big the issue may seem. Remember the sooner you try to deal with your problems the sooner they can be sorted and you will start to feel better. Our advisers have a wealth of experience dealing with clients with all sorts of issues including mental health so you can start on your journey to recovery by getting in touch with us. Our advice is free and confidential and you are welcome to bring someone along for support if you feel uncomfortable. Your adviser will deal with your individual situation and will be able to contact creditors on your behalf and make them aware of your situation to stop them taking action to further impede it such as harassment.

Debt management can often work as treatment for those suffering from mental health which is something we have noticed from our clients at Fair Money Advice. It may not always fully solve their problems but it can help relieve people of at least some of the anxiety in their life and make them feel better.

If you or a friend is currently suffering from both debt and mental health issues please get in touch with us we are always happy to help.

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