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Want to know about how we lend a helping hand? Here we have a story about the impact one of our personal loans had on Jenny*, a new client who came to Fair Finance for a £300 loan for home improvements. Jenny had just moved from a hostel with her son to their own house. […]

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Retirement Saving Advice – Why is it important?


Last month Pension Awareness Day was celebrated with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of saving for the future and to make people aware that they are not saving enough for the future. All this talk of pensions and savings got us thinking about why they are so important when considering retirement? By […]

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Top 5 Reasons clients come to us for a small business loan

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“Why should I choose Fair Business Loans over other loan providers?”. That’s a question we often get asked by companies looking to expand their business. Today we wanted to give you the Top 5 Reasons why our clients choose us over others for the provision of unsecured business loans… 1) We are open and transparent […]

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How People Like You Grow a Business

FBL Growth

As a small business owner, you may be at the stage where you are thinking about expanding your business. It’s a huge decision! There’s the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”! If things are going well as they are, and you are increasingly able to blend the needs of the business into […]

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Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is Coming

For the small business, it is never too early to talk about Christmas! In fact, if your business is able to benefit in any way from the Christmas season and you have not already started planning for this, you are leaving it rather late! So here are our Top Ten Tips about how your business […]

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Fair Business Loans goes nationwide

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From September, Fair Business Loans will be able to support SMEs across the whole of the UK with their funding needs. The success of our medium and small business loan service, coupled with increasing demand from business owners from outside the South East, has fast tracked the decision to roll out nationally. The decision represents […]

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Fair Business Loans joins Alternative Business Funding!


Fair Business Loans are delighted to announce that we have recently been added to the Alternative Business Funding website. Alternative Business Funding features a growing collective of lenders of unsecured business loans who are pooling together to provide a broad range of options to UK businesses who have been unable to access traditional mainstream finance. […]

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Back to School

Back to school

Here we are in September and “Back to School” is happening all around us. If you’re anything like us at Fair Business Loans UK, you can still remember the feeling of combined anticipation and anxiety that this time can bring, but also the sense that it is a chance for a new start. Does your […]

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Digital Advice

Digital Advice

As we are beginning to live in a more digital world what impact will becoming more digital have on advice? Will it be a help or hindrance? The Fair Money Advice team recently attended two different workshops, one around financial inclusion and the other on digital advice and discussed the future of digital advice in […]

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Engaging with Customers


In our last blog we looked at Top 5 Tips for Entrepreneurial Success. One of these was the importance of keeping customers at the forefront of everything that you do and engaging with them at all the different stages of their relationship with you. In these days of digital marketing, there are many different ways […]

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