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How CDFIs are helping struggling small businesses


Here at Fair Finance Business Loans, we help businesses obtain funding through affordable financial loans.

Rob Benfield, head of business lending, discusses when and how businesses can turn to us for alternative financing….

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Back in 2010 one of Fair Money Advice advisers, was able to help Maria (not her real name) with her debt issues which were no fault of her own. FRAUD. It is an ugly word and something we all hope will not happen to us and we will not have to deal with. What would […]

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Is Becoming Bankrupt A Good Idea?


Author: Linda Nwagbogun In the wake of the credit crisis and the United Kingdom falling into a terrible recession, default rates increased as well as insolvency for both businesses and people. But have you thought for a second what the impact of insolvency does on an individual? How does it affect your future? What is […]

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Issues Of Ill Health And Debt


There are many reasons people fall into debt including unfortunate circumstances such as a change in relationship with partner, bereavement or even illness. Paul (not his real name) was a Fair Money Advice client who was struggling in life due to his illness and had consequently become the victim of debt. He had had to […]

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Debt And Mental Health

**Hi res** Close-up of a man's hands on his head

If you have been following our blog and our clients stories you will have probably recognised that a lot of them suffer from mental health issues. Apparently one in two people who suffer from debt also suffer from mental health issues so there is a definite link. Debt can be caused by, as well as […]

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Dealing With Debts And Building Confidence


In our last post we distinguished the difference between priority and non priority debts. We will now look at one of Fair Money Advice’s clients who had both types of debt as well as a range of other issues. Sarah (not her real name) was referred to Fair Money when a concerned friend realised she […]

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Priority And Non Priority Debt

Files with labels --- Image by © Image Source/Corbis

Following on from our recent post on what to do if you have debts we are now going to tell you how you can categorise them as either priority or non-priority. Do you know what a priority debt is? Do you know what a non priority debt is? Well don’t worry if you don’t as […]

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Debt- Understanding Your Options

Financial Planning

There are many reasons people fall into debt which we are highlighting with our Fair Money Advice success stories. If you happen to be unfortunate enough yourself to fall into debt there are many options you can take to help resolve your problems. Seek Advice To know the best way to repay or deal with […]

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Bedroom Tax Leads To Debt


Since the changes in housing benefit and the introduction of the ‘bedroom tax’ Fair Money Advice have advised many debt clients around this issue. Fair Money’s clients often have rent arrears due to this tax and this can lead to other problems such as depression when dealing with debt. Leila (not her real name) was […]

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Summer Up-selling Dilemnas


Summer can be an expensive time with holidays, trying to entertain the kids, making additions of summer essentials to the shopping and the list goes on. However summer doesn’t have to be so expensive and hopefully you’ll be able to save this summer with our tips on how to be a savvy shopper and make […]

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