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How Accurate are Price Comparison Websites?

Price comparison for small business loan

When looking for a new business loans the first thing that many business owners do is to check out a price comparison website. However, let the buyer beware, or as they say in Latin, “caveat emptor” – not all price comparison websites accurately reflect the costs each loan entails. There are various factors that can […]

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Nikki Knuckles Down With The Payday Lenders


One of our main aims is to help our clients escape the clutches of Payday Lenders, and Loan Sharks who charge extortionate rates of interest. Recently, Personal Loans officer Nikki was able to help client Andre (not his real name) come out of a dangerous cycle of payday loan usage. Andre, a full time factory […]

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Five Ways To Avoid Failing In Business

Business,Risk,city, wire, balance

A recent Fair Business Loans UK blog referred to the TV series The Fixer, whose aim is not only entertaining its viewers, but also championing small businesses. That led us to consider some of the common reasons for why many small businesses end up failing, and in this post we want to share some common […]

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Let’s Do Business Together – January’s Event


Fair Business Loans has teamed up with Bootstrap Company & Real People for our second skills sharing and networking event for local businesses. Following on from the success of the last Let’s Do Business Together event, the 1st week of February saw Fair Business Loans and Bootstrap co-hosting the second event in the series. Set […]

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Does Your Business Need ‘The Fixer’?

change management flow chart with pencil

2015 is still quite new and this means the inevitable flood of new TV series. One such is The Fixer, featuring Alex Polizzi, the “champion of small businesses”. The programme features a different small business each week that is in some way struggling. It is up to Alex to find fixes for a variety of […]

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5 Top Tips for Reducing Small Business Costs in 2015

Top five

Now the New Year is well under way, it is easy for a small business to get overwhelmed by day to day operational issues and forget its New Year’s resolutions for business improvement in 2015. Just to give you some food for thought, and spur you into action, we’ve put together the following five tips […]

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Connect. Collaborate. Create. Let’s Do Business!


On Wednesday 15th October 2014, Fair Business Loans was delighted to co-launch a series of free business events called Let’s Do Business in collaboration with Bootstrap, another award winning social business supporting enterprises. In fact we recently helped Bootstrap themselves to finance their own future which you can read more about in our upcoming blog.

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January Sale!

Sale Background

“So, this is Christmas

And what have you done?

Another year over

A new one just begun . . . “

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A Christmas Carol


At this time of year the usual repertoire of Christmas songs, films, shows and stories does the rounds once again. One of the old classics is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The story starts off with the central character, Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge is described as “a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner!” […]

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“Not Before Christmas”


Have you encountered the “NBC” phenomenon yet?! Not Before Christmas, that is! It seems that no sooner are we into December than the imminent approach of Christmas is being used as a justification for all kinds of delays. This can affect all areas of business from those affecting domestic consumers – such as property sales, […]

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