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New website to mark 10 years in business for Fair Business Loans!

Ten Years Anniversary Badge

As you may know, Fair Business Loans have been supporting business growth in London with small business loan services for 10 years. During that time, our own business has also been growing steadily and we are now firmly established as one of the leading social enterprises in the UK delivering sustainable and scalable financial services, […]

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New Year New Start!


It’s getting into the festive season and we wonder how many people will be making New Year’s resolutions? The list is endless but often tends to revolve around areas such as getting fitter, doing something new or different, and achieving a better work-life balance! Sadly, the enthusiasm and energy for all of these good intentions […]

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Expanding Your Small Business


It’s the age-old dilemma for small businesses. When to expand? Things are going well, the business is established and consistently bringing in a healthy turnover. You could keep going on this basis – but for how long? The wise entrepreneur will always be looking further ahead, albeit to a future that is unpredictable. To help […]

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Big Society!

fbl big society

Prime Minister David Cameron said that Fair Business Loans “has supported 200 London businesses to access the finance they need to get started or grow.”

At Fair Business Loans we are pleased and proud to be associated with the whole ethos of Big Society. We are determined to lead the way in providing small business funding on a fair basis…

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Getting to Know Fair Business Loans!


If you are browsing through this website with a view to applying for a small business loan from us, chances are you may not yet know much about us.

So we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight a few things here to help you get to know us better, faster…

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Top Ten Reasons to apply for a Fair Business Loan


In our blog we aim to bring you a broad range of information about funding for small businesses.

In today’s article we want to present to you the Top Ten Reasons for choosing Fair Business Loans for your small business loan…

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Misleading Lending

Myth vs reality

The time has come to seek a small business loan to expand your business – but where do you start?

How do you know that you are getting a good deal and that there is not something better just around the corner? Read more to find out…

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Get out of the Dragon’s Den!

Golden Dragon

The doors of the worryingly ancient lift grind to a close and it ascends slowly and jerkily up to the first floor of what appears to be a deserted warehouse.

As the occupants step out, hearts beating, they find themselves faced by five people. People who mean business. This is a place where dreams are realised or shattered. This is Dragons’ Den…”

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How to Succeed in Securing Funding for your Business


At Fair Business Loans we chose the name for very good reasons!

Our loans really are fair, and we take pride in providing funding for small businesses on that basis. Today we outline four key things to consider when seeking funding for your business…

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Fair Business Loans – Small Business Loans with a Difference


So, your business is at the point where you are looking for additional funding and you are considering searching for a small business loan?

Whether this is to fund business expansion or to avoid dipping into savings, it can be a daunting prospect…

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