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How to get help with your energy bills this winter

Make sure you get a fair deal with help and support from Fair Finance Energy bills can be one of our highest expenses. During 2020, research by Compare the Market found that for lower income families, energy bills can amount to as much as 7.8% of their total weekly expenditure. What can you do if […]

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The costs of Covid-19

Improve your financial well being with help and support from Fair Finance. In this article we want to tell you more about the news we shared in December, about the impact that Covid-19 is having on our clients, particularly the financially vulnerable. There seems to be a general assumption around that many people are better […]

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Need financial help during Covid-19?

Fair Finance : fair and responsible loans. Another year, another lockdown. As the UK continues to battle the Covid-19 virus, many of us are facing an increasing financial struggle as a result. We are all hoping the combination of ongoing restrictions and the rollout of the vaccination programme will bring Covid-19 under control. But what […]

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New Year – New Start – 2021

Most of us will be delighted to see the end of 2020. It was a difficult year in so many ways. We’re all hoping that 2021 turns out to be a much better year in every way, even though it has not got off to the best of starts… New Year usually feels like a […]

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Preparing for retirement

Plan for retirement with help from Fair Finance Retirement is a very complex issue in 2020, particularly taking into account the impact of Covid-19. In this article, Fair Finance looks at: The current state retirement and pension age; What to do if you want to retire early; What other sources of income are available to […]

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How to start claiming benefits

Fair Finance offers loans for people on benefits In a previous article, we looked at what to do if you are faced with redundancy or have already been made redundant. One of the areas we mentioned in that article was benefits. If you are in the situation of having to access benefits for the first […]

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Mental health and your finances

Get help from Fair Finance loans for people on benefits Are you ok? A simple question, but one that we don’t ask often enough. In an interview in late 2019, Meghan thanked the interviewer for asking if she was ok, saying “not many people have asked if I’m OK”. Even when we are asked if […]

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What to do if you’ve been made redundant

Get a fair deal on bad credit personal loans Covid-19 has led to hundreds of thousands of jobs being lost. Between July and September 2020 there was a record 181,000 increase in the number of redundancies, as many companies began to cut jobs in anticipation of the end of the furlough scheme. Redundancies are higher […]

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Christmas in the time of COVID

Christmas money: Is there an alternative to payday loans What are you doing for Christmas? It’s the question that everyone is typically asking at this time of year. The problem is, with 2020 having been such a difficult year, nobody really knows what is going to be happening at Christmas. You don’t want to make […]

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Learning to work from home

Survive the pandemic lockdown with help from Fair Finance. Rewind back to the beginning of 2020, and for most people in the UK, work meant leaving home to go to a different place. At that time, only around one in three people worked from home, and less than half of them did so all the […]

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