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The Top Five challenges facing a family business

Business team in a work process or parent watch the child. Man sitting at a computer surrounded by employees. Team problem solving. A man in a business suit and woman drinking coffee. Cartoon flat.

There’s a lot to be said for keeping it in the family. But, just as today’s families are increasingly complex and extended, there are also a whole host of challenges facing family businesses in 2017. To help you get to grips with successfully running a family business – and keeping everyone happy – we’ve put […]

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Top Ten perks of running your own business

Happy businessman meditating in the office. Business yoga office worker meditation vector illustration

Picture this. A warm summer’s day and you are sitting out in your garden or on your balcony, tapping away at your keyboard – then opening a celebratory bottle of champagne to mark the closing of yet another business deal. Or in winter time, when the world is rushing around with blank expressions and worn […]

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The impact of Brexit on SMEs

Do not disturb plate on the door handle. European Union closed door flat color vector illustration. EU stars flag cartoon image.

Two recent items of research indicate that SMEs are so far managing to navigate the choppy post-Brexit waters more successfully than they may have hoped. The Insurer Zurich’s latest SME Risk Index indicates that perception of business risk among UK SMES increased in the first quarter of this year from the previous three months. The […]

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Technology: blessing or curse for small businesses?

Cartoon businessman expressing different emotions for design.

It’s a sad fact that many small businesses do not use technology to its full advantage. In fact some seem to almost be afraid of it. Recent research by CNBC indicated that almost half of small businesses don’t have a business website, and not all of those who do actually use it to communicate news […]

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Are you on the register?

Hand holding checklist and hand holding pen. Sheet of paper with check marks, tick icons. Filling form, to-do list, exam, claim, application, task list concepts. Flat design vector illustration

So, your business is up and running and things are going well. It can be tempting to focus on the everyday nuts and bolts of the business and leave some of the administrative side of things for later – when you have more time. But like the old proverb says, “tomorrow never comes”. There will […]

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Creative ways to finance business expansion

In our recent blog What difference has Brexit made so far? we looked at the different ways in which Brexit is already impacting the UK economy. In that article we also confirmed the commitment of Fair Business Loans to support small businesses during these uncertain times; a commitment that has earmarked £2m of funding for […]

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Open Banking

Some good news for small businesses: the tide is turning in terms of banking. From early 2018, the concept of open banking will become a reality in the UK. What is open banking? It is the requirement for banks to provide open platforms that make customer data available to third parties in the form of […]

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What difference has Brexit made so far?

Do not disturb plate on the door handle. European Union closed door flat color vector illustration. EU stars flag cartoon image.

So the election is over. Well, for now at least! Brexit featured quite heavily during all the campaigning and talks are now beginning as to the Brexit process itself. But what difference has Brexit actually made to the economy so far? It can be difficult to separate facts from opinions in the minefield that is […]

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Is business growth slowing in the UK?

Money Growth. Flat design illustration. Business person watering money tree

The latest estimate of the UK’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has recently been released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). GDP is is the main indicator of economic growth in the UK. This preliminary estimate of GDP does not bring good news. Whilst the UK GDP is estimated to have increased overall by 0.3% […]

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Fair Business Loans earmarks £2M of funding for SMBs

Fair Business Loans is pleased to announce that it is looking to provide £2m of funding to hundreds of small businesses throughout the UK during the next 12 months. BREXIT uncertainty has caused the value of the pound to fall as less people wish to invest in the UK or hold British pounds. With the pound worth less, imported goods from abroad will cost more.

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