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Does peer-to-peer lending have a future?

Best business funding: peer-to-peer lending or small business loan? The financial world is giving mixed messages about the future of peer-to-peer lending. Just over a year ago, Lord Aidan Turner – the former chairman of the Financial Services Authority, i.e. Britain’s most senior financial regulator, – said on the Today programme that he thought a […]

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Fair Business Loans – Spot the difference!

Why Fair Business Loans is your best choice for business loans London We are now well into 2017 and perhaps you’ve decided that now is the time to expand your business? Uncertain times to be sure, but life goes on, and as a small business owner you don’t want anything to hold you back from […]

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Is it the right time for a business loan?

When is a small business loan the best solution for your business? As a small business owner, you are constantly bombarded with decisions and it can sometimes be difficult to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff. One of the major decisions you need to make is whether it is the right time to take […]

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Taxing times

Many small businesses are relying on small business loans to fund tax bills If you are either running a small business or about to start one then you need to be very clear on the taxes that you will need to pay as a business owner. It is easy to overlook the need to keep […]

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Are you open for business?

Finding the best small business loan for your business There has been much talk over the past few months about being “open for business”. The phrase has been used to describe both Britain and London in the wake of the Brexit vote. But how about you? Are you ready to open for business? Our recent […]

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New Year – new business?

The best small business loan to get your business started in 2017 2017 is well under way and for many of us the hopeful New Year resolutions are already ancient history! But it is still early enough in the year to decide to make significant changes during 2017. If you have always dreamed of starting […]

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Business funding for women

The best business loans UK for women entrepreneurs The Sunday Times ran an interesting article in its business section on Sunday 22nd January. Entitled “Thank you but we just don’t want your money” it featured two female entrepreneurs determined to go it alone, rather than bring in other investors who may then start to want […]

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Start up loans

The best business loans to UK for start-up companies At Fair Business Loans we are passionate about helping small businesses grow and supporting the release of creativity and entrepreneurship that our economy so desperately needs. Our specialism is providing business loans to UK small businesses that have been up and running for at least 24 […]

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Small is beautiful

Fair Business Loans supports small businesses with business loans to London and beyond Another Small Business Saturday has come and gone. If it has passed you by this time then why not plan to get involved next year? Small Business Saturday has been running in the UK since 2013. It is a non-commercial campaign that […]

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Every little helps

The best small business loans and other tips to save money during 2017 So here we are in 2017! Just as in our personal lives we will have hopes and dreams for our businesses over the coming year. Also as in our personal lives there will be things that we want to improve. One thing […]

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