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Improve your credit score to secure a business loan

Seven steps to securing a business loan “Money Makes The World Go Round” is a song from the iconic film Cabaret that outlines the stark contrast between the lives of those that have money and those who do not. When you run a business it seems even more the case! There are times when you […]

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Brexit – Is Britain is still open for business?

small business loans in the UK

Is it still possible to get a small business loan in the UK? In the aftermath of Brexit we are constantly being assured that Britain is still open for business. The soundbite has been used by Sadiq Khan about London’s ongoing strategic role, Philip Hammond on his first trip to New York’s Wall Street as […]

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A comparison between an equity investor and a business loan

Fair business loan

Whilst there is an ever-increasing variety of different methods to finance a business, two of the main choices still remain as being a business loan or an equity investor. A business loan is where someone…

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Banks now obliged to phone a friend!

Now, it seems, the big banks are going to be phoning a friend on behalf of small businesses. Changes under The Small Business, Enterprise & Employment Act 2015 are scheduled to come into effect in November. As part of this, nine leading high street banks will redirect all small business loans they reject to independent finance organisations.

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High tech lending!

what difference does using DirectID make? The main impact is that during the online small business loan process you are able to connect to your bank account and share your bank statement information. This saves so much time!

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Does your bank have the feelgood factor?

They found that the dissatisfaction is felt most deeply by those businesses turning over less than £1m. Over 30% of such businesses claim to feel unsupported by banks in terms of how they are treated regarding business funding.

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The first cut is the deepest?

In this article we look at 5 effects of the base rate cut on funding for small businesses.

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So this is what Brexit looks like?

It is now 2 months since the historic Brexit vote and, whilst the UK has not yet started the formalities of exiting the EU, there is a growing awareness that we are living in post-Brexit days.

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Alternatives to big bank lending

If you are finding it hard to find an unsecured business loan then you are not alone! Bank of England data shows that from 2012 to 2015 the amount of lending to UK businesses fell in each year.

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Women mean business!

The UK has its second female prime minister and the US may soon have its first female president. But in business it often seems like the proverbial “glass ceiling” still exists.

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