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Case Studies

Designer Bathroom Concepts

Designer Bathroom Concepts are multi award winning and offers luxurious and bespoke bathrooms and bathroom equipment. Although they boast strong sales and quality, a loan was needed to supplement future growth plans.

The philosophy behind their company is that the buying process should be as equally luxurious as the use of the product being bought. Rather than choosing from bathrooms which are already designed, Designer Concepts tailors the buying process so each component can be selected from different specialists and layout chosen based on customer preferences.

This gives the end buyer the freedom to base their bathroom on a wealth of factors including practicality, brand prestige, design or even price.

  Designer Bathroom concepts 2

As you would expect, the cost of purchasing the bathroom equipment and assembly for larger bespoke project with prestigious developers and hotel groups caused short term cash flow problems.

To help take on further orders and fund multiple projects they came to Fair Business Loans. With such a high quality product which is cash expensive, it is likely without a cash flow injection orders may need to be declined or delayed. With the use of a Fair Business Loan, more luxury bathrooms can be crafted therefore aiding the expansion of Designer Bathrooms Ltd!

Does your small business need a loan? Do you know someone whose small business would benefit from additional funding? If you would like to find out more about how a loan could help your business expand and grow, please visit our Fair Business Loans website to fill out an application or speak to a member of our team on 020 8988 0627 today.

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