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Case Studies

Hair Salon

Fair Business Loans provided an initial loan to a hair salon which has now become well established within the community of its local area, providing clients with a broad range of hair style and colour options...

The director took over the ownership of the hair salon and became the sole director, with funding required to accomplish this transition. Fair Business Loans consolidated the outstanding creditors to convert the existing debts into one simple monthly repayment.

hairdresser paints the woman's hair in a dark color, apply the paint to her hair

The hairdresser continued to expand and recently came back to Fair Business Loans to see if we could assist with funding for buying new furniture and equipment. Due to the strong relationship built with the client, we were able to support them with additional funding and the salon has now improved the service that their guests are receiving.

Would your business benefit from consolidating creditors into one loan facility, or do you require funding for equipment? You can apply for a loan for these purposes using the link below:

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