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Luma Electricals

Fair Business Loans’ mission is to provide small businesses with unsecured loans of up to £20,000. We review applications and approve them through a non-automated process which allows us to evaluate the affordability of a loan, helping your small business move along the right path to expansion and growth.

Rarely do we give second thought on electricity in our homes or workspaces, and that is precisely what Luma Electrical aims for, providing efficient energy and power solutions. Electrical contractors, Luma Electrical work with a given space to provide inspired electrical solutions meeting the needs of clients. More than a technical handy-man, Luma Electrical act as an energy manager, advising on installations and providing support throughout and after the process.

Upon first meeting, Luma Electrical will understand the ideal use for a room and map out best positions and specifications for power needs including lighting, electrical appliances and power points. They will then have expert installers work tailored to the schedule of the client and after the work Luma Electrical will do a comprehensive works audit.

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With experience throughout the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors, Luma Electrical provide innovative solutions to all types of spaces. If you need these services, please call them on 01634 937 055

Fair Business Loan were able to see the passion and vision of Luma Electrical in order to assist them with lending facilities to better enhance their business.

Does your small business need a loan? Do you know someone whose small business would benefit from additional funding? If you would like to find out more about how a loan could help your business expand and grow, please visit our Fair Business Loans website to fill out an application or speak to a member of our team on 020 8988 0627 today.

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