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Case Studies

Case Study: J-go Training

As featured in our recent blog “Getting to Know Fair Business Loans”, we have been supporting businesses in London with small business loans for 10 years. This is in stark contrast to many of the high-cost online business lenders out there, some of whom have only been in existence for one or two years and […]

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Fair Business Loans supports the Fight against Fraud!

Fair Business Loans provide unsecured small business loans of between £2,000 and £20,000 to London-based businesses which have been trading for 12 months or longer. We were recently delighted to be able to support a fraud consultancy business – based in Islington, North London – with a small business loan to help with cash flow. […]

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Fair Business Loans: It’s Just Cricket!

Many businesses have strong potential but are unable to seize all the opportunities available to them due to a lack of funding. This is where Fair Business Loans can help! The Fair Business Loans team take a personalised approach to each client to make a fair assessment of their eligibility. Our eligibility criteria include being […]

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Financial Abuse

Financial abuse can take place in any relationship. In recent cases we’ve come across children who’ve abused their parent’s goodwill – as they recognise their feelings of being responsible for their child’s economic wellbeing and this is can be taken advantage of. In the poor current economic climate with many adult children becoming more desperate […]

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Harassing Creditors And Mental Health

So Wonga have appointed a new chairman to try and clean up their act after the scandal of their letters from fake legal firms. But did Wonga realise the impact these letters would have on those suffering with debt especially those with mental health problems. Fair Money Advice has helped many clients with mental health […]

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Fair Business Loans supports local Camden care business with funding

Blessing Agencies Ltd is a new homecare agency based in the heart of Camden focussed on providing friendly care services to locally based clients. Marie Umuliza, owner of Blessing Agencies, has been a personal client of Fair Finance for over 3 years and during this time has established a strong relationship with the Fair Finance […]

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Funding for successful local Leytonstone business in East London!

Fair Business Loans are delighted to announce support for the owner Yogan, and his business Yohaan Property Maintenance, based in the Leytonstone community of East London. Yohaan Property Maintenance has been successfully providing high quality residential refurbishment and maintenance in East London for the last decade. It now has established relationships with several housing associations, […]

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