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Interviewing Oakam’s founder on digital transformation and microfinance

Earlier this year Faisel Rahman, Founder and CEO of Fair Finance, sat down to interview Frederick Nze, Founder and CEO of Oakam on their journey from a branch-based lender to a mobile first service.

The talk was hosted by Fair4AllFinance as part of the ThinkIn program on sharing insights and learning for leaders providing financial services to people in vulnerable circumstances.

Faisel and Fred spoke about digital transformation, financial inclusion, microfinance and Frederic’s own journey since launching Oakam. There are real insights in scaling a business, maintaining impact, bringing staff on the journey, and focusing on customer needs. Frederic was open about the pitfalls, challenges as well as the successes in transforming the company.

They discuss some interesting insights in how Oakam’s experience can be relevant for credit unions, community development finance institutions and microfinance organisation and others on the front line in addressing financial exclusion in the UK.

Watch the interview here:

and read the write up here:

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