Fair Business Loans Refer a Business T&Cs

The award payment will be £250 for every drawn down loan.

To qualify for a payment:

• You must be or have been a Fair Business Loans customer.

• The business you refer cannot be or have ever been a Fair Business Loans customer, or have ever applied for a loan at Fair Business Loans.

• The business you refer must be successfully approved for and take out a loan at Fair Business Loans.

• When you refer a business to us, please make sure you ask them to mention you in their application. Please also let us know directly by email or phone.

• You must not be in arrears on a loan with Fair Business Loans. Any payments will be made once any arrears have been repaid.

Other Terms and Conditions:

• Payments are made after a successful loan drawn down by the referred client. Payments will be made to you by bank transfer. They will not be used by us towards repayment of a loan that you may have with Fair Business Loans.

• Do not advertise either by social media or by any other means.

• You can refer a maximum of 5 friends and family per financial year (ends 31st March).

• Do not present yourself as an agent or employee of Fair Business Loans.

• You are responsible for paying any taxes owed on payments received as part of this scheme.

In the event of a breach of these terms and conditions Fair Business Loans reserves the right not to make any payments due and to restrict participation in the scheme without warning.

Fair Business Loans reserves the right to change the terms of or stop this scheme at any time. If we do so we will make sure any payments earned are paid.