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Growing your business

Businessman watering money plant vector

The Gov UK website has a wealth of useful advice and information for small businesses. Below is our summary of 7 tips from its pages on how to grow a small business:

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Why disruption is good!

But in terms of your small business disruption is good! In fact, you should want to be a disruptive business!

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Google campus exchange

Google Campus

The aim of Google Campus Exchange is to mentor ten innovative UK startups during the summer of 2016. Entrepreneurs who are either starting out or wanting to know how to grow a small business can gain help and advice not only from Google mentors and investors, but also a network of fellow entrepreneurs.

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Top 5 tips to get a small business loan

Hand giving gold coin to another hand. Flat vector illustration

Over the last few years, small business owners have found it increasingly hard to obtain small business loans from banks.

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Cash goes plastic!

Pocket with money

We were fascinated to read recently about the design of the new £5 note, which will be issued by the Bank of England in September. In May 2017 paper £5 notes will cease to be legal tender and will no longer be accepted by shops and banks.

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Keep calm – and stay in business

Businessman Working Day. Businessman at Work. Office Life. Shocked Businessman

We were interested to read the results of recent research by Hitachi Capital Finance, which analysed data from its small business customers. It revealed how much stress small business owners are under, and outlined some of the reasons for this.

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Small businesses fit for royalty!

Crown in engraving style

Parliament is once again officially open for business and the latest Queen’s Speech has outlined the priorities of the government for the coming session. But what are the plans for small businesses?

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Youth is wasted on the young?

Young African businessman Freedom Ideas concept

Let’s look at two young people who have both made their small business into a huge success.

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Does London’s new Mayor mean business?

Famous Big Ben with red double-decker in London, UK

London has chosen and we have our new mayor. Sadiq Khan, Labour’s candidate and London’s first Muslim mayor – and self-titled “mayor for all Londoners”. But what impact will he have on small businesses in London?

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Asset-based finance

invoice payment design

Asset-based finance is the raising of funds using your existing assets as security. Assets can include invoice finance, – where business secure funding against the value of unpaid invoices – stock, equipment and property. According to the Asset-Based Finance Association ABFA, asset-based funding in the UK breaks down into roughly around 80% invoice finance and 20% the rest.

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