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Creativity with a Cause

What does it mean to be a social enterprise? At its heart, a social enterprise operates with a social conscience, looking to improve communities and the environment. Fair Business Loans is always happy to support other social enterprises who share similar values. We recently helped out Poached Creative, a communications agency that works with marginalized people to help them regain their footing. More than a creative communications agency, Poached Creative personifies their values from the clients they work with to their supply chain. They work with training providers, DBS check providers, video agencies, and advisors that value social impact. One of their clients, Social Enterprise UK, encourages businesses to support social enterprises through its award-winning international campaign, Buy Social, which Poached Creative designed. Other clients include small social enterprises and charities, who they work with at a discounted rate.

Besides working on campaigns, Poached Creative also help create websites, design annual reports, write marketing materials, edit newsletters and build brands. By working with Poached Creative, you help to train at least 30 people each year, many of them who had experienced long-term unemployment, drug or alcohol problems, mental health problems, physical disabilities or homelessness. In training, Poached Creative has identified five outcomes: employment, skills and experience, industry knowledge, confidence and feeling valued. In fact, 58% of trainees are in some form of paid employment within two years of training. Poached Creative give trainees access to networking and expertise, but perhaps more importantly, they are given confidence to pursue their goals and find direction in the future.

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