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Fair Business Loans: It’s Just Cricket!

Many businesses have strong potential but are unable to seize all the opportunities available to them due to a lack of funding. This is where Fair Business Loans can help!

The Fair Business Loans team take a personalised approach to each client to make a fair assessment of their eligibility. Our eligibility criteria include being located in London and trading for longer than 12 months and we need to be confident that funding would be both affordable and the right thing for growing the business. We always take the time to get to know the business and we find the best way to do this is to go out to visit the owner and the business itself.

One recent example of where we supported a great business is It’s Just Cricket. It’s Just Cricket is a cricket shop in London with a difference. It is 100% dedicated to cricket. It is also 100% dedicated to serving amateur players. This earned it the strapline “The Genuine All-Rounder for Amateur Cricketers”.

Everyone working at It’s Just Cricket was a club cricketer who is passionate about the game and has in-depth knowledge of the equipment they sell. Owner, Paul Cole, prides himself on the personalised approach offered to clients both in store and on the phone. This enables It’s Just Cricket to help every customer obtain the right products to help them improve their individual performance whatever their level of play. This has recently been enhanced through posting video reviews on YouTube of the latest cricket equipment available. This has led to a growing online fan base across the globe, with many It’s Just Cricket products now being delivered internationally as far away as Australia, India and South Africa.

Paul also impressed with the similar personalised ethos he found when contacting the Fair Business Loans team. He was looking for additional funding to meet the rapidly growing demand for It’s Just Cricket products. Having found Fair Business Loans online he was interested to see that we had just opened a Fair Finance branch in Elephant and Castle, very close to his shop. A short telephone call with Romy, one of the senior business loans officers, allowed her to confirm that It’s Just Cricket met the eligibility criteria. Following the completion of a short online application process Romy went to visit Paul and It’s Just Cricket. She was impressed with the store and the range and quality of products available, and equally with Paul’s detailed knowledge of the business operations and finances. Additionally she met and was impressed by Neil, a former county cricket player, who is a recent addition to the It’s Just Cricket team and complements it with his experience and enthusiasm.

We were confident in Paul’s focus and strategic direction, as well as the strong cash flows of the business. Therefore only one week after the first telephone conversation, we were delighted to agree to support Its Just Cricket.

Paul commented ‘I really liked the fact that the Fair Business Loans team were flexible when structuring the loan and that they were able to set up the monthly repayments on specific dates that suited me and my business’.

Fair Finance CEO, Faisel Rahman, likes his cricket and so will be visiting the shop sometime soon! If you would also like to visit It’s Just Cricket online or in store and take advantage of some of their great products and advice then please go their website:

To find out more about how Fair Business Loans can help your business become another success story contact us today!

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