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Case Studies

Training & Development

Our client has been offering quality training courses since 1995 and focuses on soft skills as well as professional development.

Their customers vary from individuals, small businesses, and sole traders through to multinational companies.

Rather than the conventional academic routes of study, more "hands-on" skills are targeted. Time management, assertiveness, relationship building and communication skills are the types of skills which are developed.

They also have various other specialist courses in project management, sales and customer service.

Man assisting woman in computer room

Having achieved remarkable success in the UK, our client wanted to expand into the international market heading to India, Australia, Canada and the USA.

In order to gear up for such a project, they wanted to invest in marketing and in creating new bespoke materials for the targeted market. To do so some they needed to raise the necessary funding.

We, at Fair Business Loans, saw the potential of this plan, and we also believed in the directors' ability to deliver it. FBL provided the necessary funding for the client to expand into new markets.

Is your business going through a scale up, however, could do with some funds for marketing, or perhaps other business costs?

Contact a member of our team on 02089880627, and we will be more than happy to help.

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