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Christmas opening hours

Merry Christmas Please note that we will be closed from Friday 23rd December at 2PM and will be reopening on Tuesday 3rd of January at 9AM. We at Fair Finance wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Work smarter not harder

Top ten productivity tools for small businesses One of the challenges of running a small business is that everyone has to do more. A small business is a microcosm of a larger business, with all the same organisational functions albeit on a much smaller scale. But it still means that as a business you need […]

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The impact of Brexit on subsidies

Many young farmers would prefer business loans to a subsidy Whilst we wait for the Brexit wheels to start rolling, there is much speculation in many areas of the economy about what will actually happen. One of those areas is farming. It is a profession that is sadly often overlooked, and one that has direct […]

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Fair Business Loans now offers loans up to £50,000!

Larger business loans for SMEs Like the small businesses we provide funding to, Fair Business Loans is also continually looking to improve what we can offer. Over the past 12 months we have listened to feedback from our clients and partners and in response to this we are pleased to announce that from the 1st […]

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So here it is – Merry Christmas!

small business loan

How to throw a staff Christmas party without needing a small business loan As the strains of the old Slade song begin to hit our airwaves once more, many people start to panic at the thought of Christmas. Far from being a time of peace and goodwill, it can bring a whole array of stress […]

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Improve your credit score to secure a business loan

Seven steps to securing a business loan “Money Makes The World Go Round” is a song from the iconic film Cabaret that outlines the stark contrast between the lives of those that have money and those who do not. When you run a business it seems even more the case! There are times when you […]

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Brexit – Is Britain is still open for business?

small business loans in the UK

Is it still possible to get a small business loan in the UK? In the aftermath of Brexit we are constantly being assured that Britain is still open for business. The soundbite has been used by Sadiq Khan about London’s ongoing strategic role, Philip Hammond on his first trip to New York’s Wall Street as […]

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A comparison between an equity investor and a business loan

Fair business loan

Whilst there is an ever-increasing variety of different methods to finance a business, two of the main choices still remain as being a business loan or an equity investor. A business loan is where someone…

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Banks now obliged to phone a friend!

Business help

Now, it seems, the big banks are going to be phoning a friend on behalf of small businesses. Changes under The Small Business, Enterprise & Employment Act 2015 are scheduled to come into effect in November. As part of this, nine leading high street banks will redirect all small business loans they reject to independent finance organisations.

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High tech lending!

Online shopping

what difference does using DirectID make? The main impact is that during the online small business loan process you are able to connect to your bank account and share your bank statement information. This saves so much time!

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